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Here is a list of various Websites & Blogs related to  Growing beautiful bromeliads, shopping for Bromeliads- useful Tips & more.

 All about Bromeliads
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Great Plants, Great Prices. 
Plants listed are just a portion of the many plants available - Why not- Send your wish list. 

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s*Tips On Growing Great Bromeliads *Brookreflections Bromeliads Blog

This blog is designed to help not only those new +  to growing these wonderful plants of the future but to help share the tried + proven ideal easy care plants by the nursery + favorites of other more savvy growers.Great water wise plants that suit a wide range of conditions in the open garden, landscaping as well as pot culture.

The site includes favorite hardy easy care Bromeliad plants as well as a collection of exotics that are easy to grow given their minimal requirement are met.

Garden Friends - Creatures

Some of the Wonderful creatures that care + share our gardens.

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May Your garden Bloom + Grow bringing peace health and Harmony as it does for me..

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The Silk Shop- Scarves- from the Nursery 100% pure silk.
 Brookreflection collection- inspired by beauty & nature in the garden. 
Beautifully crafted creative designs on 100% Pure Mulberry Silk.
 These scarves are simply superb to wear
.May be combined with your Bromeliad order to save postage

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Inspired by the Beauty of Nature in the Garden, these luxurious, soft & sensual, Silk scarves are simply superb to wear.

These simply irresistible- 100% Silk Scarves come in a broad range of exotic designs & colors including, beautifully crafted floral prints in shapes, sizes to suit all tastes ages & budgets
*Great Gifts*

*Or why not just pamper yourself today. today**[without breaking the bank!]

**NB Maybe included in Bromeliad orders to save postage

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